Why HI? We Keep it Simple.

Internet Marketing can become overwhelming and fruitless without clear goals and the right tools. It’s our goal to keep it simple. In fact, the struggle to simplify the online marketing process led to the creation of Hoskins Interactive, the discovery of inbound marketing and the HubSpot platform. We’ve been through this process, too. So we’re in a good position to share what we know.

How HI Helps

Our mission is to set small, midsize and large companies on the right path, providing the structure for an actionable plan, ultimately improving ROI and increasing sales. Together, we define what your plan will be and how HI can help shoulder the work, whether it be social media, SEO, email marketing, lead nurturing, analytics analysis or content creation.

Terra Hoskins, Principal of Hoskins Interactive

I’ve been in your shoes or near them.

Having worked in communications, marketing and sales for 13 years or so, I’ve been part of many different business transitions. I think that’s what makes me able to help companies of various sizes, industries and states/stages.

Hoskins Interactive grew from my experiences in Los Angeles, where I worked in PR, employee and marketing communications roles in house and for agencies that include: CSC (Computer Sciences Corporation), Merisel, Proctor & Gamble, XM Satellite Radio and Pacific Ocean Post.

I worked for companies starting up, winding down and in transition: including new growth strategy rollouts, acquisitions and mergers, rebranding and culture changes. Surprisingly, stints in sales—most notably White House Black Market—provided bursts of success. I really had no idea I was such a good salesperson!

Seriously, though, the power of persuasion is lifeblood in the online world. I can’t wait to help your business thrive there!

Want to chat about your online marketing efforts, inbound marketing, karaoke? I’m looking forward to meeting you!