Analytics: Make Cents from Online Activity

Is your online activity paying off?

Most companies are using fragmented tools for SEO, social media and website metrics.

Decision makers believe they are saving money with inexpensive options, but the result is an analytics mish mosh, where apples, bananas and oranges are being measured.There’s no way to connect or gain insight into the data. It’s not clear how or if it relates, much less how it affects the business.

We hear it all the time:

  • Does Google Analytics show a surge based on last week’s email campaign?
  • Is social media program resulting in calls? How many?
  • We’ve increased our fans by x amount, so…why aren’t they calling?
  • How many deals can be traced back to email communication?
  • What does social media do for us? We’re too busy to bother with it.

Ultimately, you want to know what’s working and where to invest time, effort and money so that you can create more.

You Need Integrated Analytics. And a Holistic Tool. HI Has One in Mind.

It’s more than marketing automation; this platform simplifies the management of online marketing, focusing on lead generation and conversion goals. It performs at a level beyond marketing channel efficiency—it uses channels to qualify leads and gain new customers.

Because when you get down to it, businesses want more customers, more sales, more revenue. Website traffic, high click-thru rates on email campaigns and an army of Facebook fans are meaningless if they don’t result in business.

HI can outfit you with a marketing platform that provides an at-a-glace understanding of marketing activity performance. Are your efforts generating leads or not? How to tweak them? This platform will make suggestions.

You’ll be able to identify visitors coming to your website, monitor conversations about your brand in social media circles, and track visitor-to-lead and lead-to-customer ratios. You’ll see how blogs, social and SEO tactics are influencing these metrics, because they are interconnected. When integrated with SalesForce and Desk, your visibility really increases—with the information you collect, you’ll be able to proactively contact leads with answers to their questions and issues.

It’s a new age, and you need new tools. HI can get you set up and help you manage the marketing activities. We’d love to talk!