Business Blog: Attract Website Traffic From Ideal Customers

People generally go to the Internet to be entertained or to solve a problem. The good news is that your product or service will bring a sigh of relief to someone.

If they could just find you.

Here’s how they can: via your blog.

Blogs are essentially short 200-600 word articles, originally journal-like entries, describing:

  • Advice on common problems you see customers struggle with.
  • Ideas or perspective about industry trends.
  • Interesting facts about your product or service.
  • Insights from your staff.
  • …the possibilities are endless.

 Sounds easy enough. But the hard part? Frequency.

To really make a dent in attracting traffic, you need to blog once a week to as many times as sustainable for your business. The more you share quality information in your blog, the more you pique the interest of search engines. And if search engines see that you are consistently publishing new website content, giving them more pages to index, the quality of your site increases, and you’ll be given more opportunity to be visible in search results. Meaning, it’s easier for your prospect to find YOU.

How do you organize the work of blogging and find the time?

HI is here to help. We’re expert writers and editors who can :

  • Research and develop buyer personas to specify ideal customer needs and effective content solutions.
  • Extract stories you should tell about your business.
  • Define solutions and answers you should promote.
  • How to create and manage an editorial calendar, a publishing schedule for all content.
  • Advise you on tone, message and context: it’s more about how your prospect’s problem gets solved, less about you.

Ready to start?