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HI: Meet Terra Hoskins, Your Inbound Marketing Advisor

Posted byMon, Mar 4, 2013 @ 1:34 pm

xmas eve 12.31.12 best shot cropped small copyHI! I’m Terra Hoskins; I’m the boss at Hoskins Interactive. If we’re going to be working together, you should know a little something about me.

Hoskins Interactive is something I never consciously thought I would create. For my entire career, I’ve had one foot in the arts, performing in theatre and singing. Part of me hoped I could develop my foothold into a side career or more.

That hasn’t happened. Something completely unexpected did.

Some entrepreneurs know this is their paths, others like myself fall into it by circumstance or opportunity. The Great Recession was a game changer for me; suddenly traditional marketing and communications practices weren’t enough to get hired. Overnight social media was expected in a business context—a rare occurrence for Fortune 500 companies at the time.

I pursued a series of Internet marketing certificates from University of San Francisco to help me transition and become relevant in this new economy. I actually received a stellar sales education working retail at White House Black Market during that time—a job that made ends meet while validating career counseling results: I had a undiscovered talent for persuasion and influence. Well, undiscovered to me. I’m sure many experience the same feeling: how could I have worked for so many years and not realize that this was my primary talent? And what do I do with this information?

It wasn’t until I was struggling in my first Internet marketing position at a small engineering firm that I realized the complexity of Internet marketing and volume of activity is too much for one person. I needed help and wasn’t sure where to turn.

Well, I turned to Google. And I found inbound marketing and HubSpot.

The HubSpot software helped me focus the work and my consultant helped me determine how to involve the rest of the company and structure its program. I fell in love with HubSpot, the efficiency of its tool, the enthusiasm and ingenuity of its people and the possibility of its partner program.

I believe layoffs are a springboard; when it happened in May 2012, the choice seemed obvious. Becoming a HubSpot partner is a way for me to use my strengths and share what I’ve learned in a context that is productive for your business.

I look forward to hearing more about—and working with—you. I’d love to hear about your challenges, questions and discuss how I can help!


Terra Hoskins, principal of inbound marketing consultancy Hoskins Interactive, has worked  in PR, marketing, communications and sales roles for companies that include: CSC (Computer Sciences Corporation), Merisel, Proctor & Gamble, XM Satellite Radio, Pacific Ocean Post and White House Black Market. She’s experienced challenges her employers faced starting up, winding down and in transition: including introducing growth strategies, acquisitions and mergers, rebranding and culture changes. She’s grateful for the tough career experiences that teach everything. Share yours with Terra at [email protected].